CDL3 (556x260)






The Club Dash Logger is a fully configurable backlit display,  controller and logging device. It offers the same quality and advanced  technology as our top of the line systems, with a package of features  tailored to suit entry level motorsport requirements such as club  racing.

The screen layout can be tailored to suit individual  preferences and is able to display a large number of data  channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner  speeds, maximum straight speeds and more.

Basic specifications


  • 2 x Configurable CAN or RS232 bus with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
  • 1 x Dedicated RS232


  • Dimensions 180 x 91 x 18 mm excluding connector
  • Weight 385 g
  • 1 x 34 pin AMP connector

Inputs (optional)

  • Provision for 4 x analogue voltage high resolution inputs
  • Provision for 2 x analogue temperature inputs
  • 2 x Digital inputs
  • 3 x Speed inputs with voltage measuring capability
  • Compatible with E888 expander (8 Thermocouples only)

Outputs (optional)

  • 4 x PWM, switched or digital outputs

Logging (optional)

  • 8 MB logging memory
  • Logging rates up to 500 samples per second
  • Fast Ethernet download