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MoTeC data acquisition systems can be categorised into two types: dedicated data loggers (ACL,EDL3) which are essentially ‘black boxes’, and combined dash loggers that integrate the display and logging functions in one unit. Until recently, MoTeC’s range of Dash Loggers consisted of CDL3,SDL3 and ADL3.

MoTeC now offers a stunning range of Colour Display Loggers (C185, C125) which also include programmable shift lights. Adding an even greater level of appeal is the exclusive Display Creator software which allows complete customisation of the display screen.

Display Creator

Aside from their brilliant high resolution screens, what makes our colour display loggers really exciting is the incredible customisation made possible with MoTeC’s Display Creator software. No longer are you limited by set layouts and fonts, you can now design your own fully tailored, fully functional screens from scratch, with custom images, logos, icons, warnings and more. Design your own gauges, give your sponsors extra exposure, create unique page layouts and maximise the communication efficiency of colour. Keep it simple or get really creative. See examples

C series display loggers require a simple Display Creator upgrade that can be enabled at the time of purchase or any time later.

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The C185 Colour Display Logger is designed with professionals in mind. It not only delivers absolute clarity in various lighting conditions thanks to its remarkable anti-reflective full colour screen, it also provides high level logging, auxiliary control and maths functionality. It comes with 250 MB internal data logging, which can be upgraded to 500 MB, and is built with an Autosport connector and integrated, programmable shift lights.

There are numerous standard screen templates to choose from, or purchase the Display Creator upgrade to create your own unique on-screen graphics.


C125 Colour Display   *NEW*

C125 Colour Display

With a stunning, ultra bright screen and integrated, programmable shift lights, the C125 offers outstanding value and numerous expansion options. It can be ordered with or without 120 MB internal data logging.

There are numerous standard screen templates to choose from, or purchase the Display Creator upgrade to create your own unique on-screen graphics.

C125 Race Kits

CDL3 Track Kit

The C125 Race Logging Kit is a complete colour display and logging solution that is designed for easy installation and adaptability. The kit includes GPS, pre-wired buttons and a plug-in loom with power adaptor. Optionally, an I/O upgrade is available, as are ECU adaptor looms and other accessories.

A non-logging C125 Race Display Kit is also available.


CDL3 web


The CDL3 is designed to suit entry level motorsport requirements such as club racing. It is a complete, race-ready display and data logging system that can be adapted and expanded to suit various applications.

CDL3 Track Kits

The CDL3 Track Logging Kit is a complete display and logging solution that is cost-effective and easy to install. The kit includes shift lights, GPS, pre-wired buttons and a plug-in loom. Optionally, an I/O upgrade is available, as are ECU adaptors and other accessories.

A non-logging CDL3 Track Display Kit is also available.




The Sport Dash Logger is a digital dash and data logging device with a package of features tailored to suit moderate data acquisition system requirements. The SDL3 offers an affordable price while maintaining the flexibility to suit a broad range of two wheel, four wheel and marine applications.



The ADL3 is the third generation of MoTeC’s Advanced Dash Logger, an all-in-one display, fully programmable data logger and powerful control device. It boasts ten times more processing power than its predecessor, a huge 250 MB logging capability, two individual CAN buses and an internal 3-axis G sensor. The Advanced Maths features allow for complex calculations based on specified channels.

The wide range of options available make it easy to extend the capabilities of the ADL3 if the need for information from the data acquisition system increases.



The Enclosed Dash Logger 3 provides the same logging and controlling features as the ADL3, but is supplied as an enclosed unit. It can be used as a black box type logger or connected to a MoTeC display of your choice.




The Advanced Central Logger is a dedicated logging device, designed for race teams who place high demands on their data acquisition system. The ACL forms the heart of a highly configurable system generally consisting of:

  • various measurement devices such as VIMs (Versatile Input Modules) and PLMs to provide sensor inputs,
  • a display device such as a mini display or SDL3. An SDL3 also provides additional input and output capability,
  • an output device such as an E888, E816 or SDL3 to control external devices. The ACL controls these devices by communicating via CAN messages.