SDL3 (Sport Dash Logger)

SDL3 (Sport Dash Logger) jpeg
The Sport Dash Logger (SDL3) comes standard as a combined display and powerful control device in one lightweight unit. With the addition of the Data Logging upgrades it becomes a fully programmable data logger with 16 or 120 MB memory.
It offers the same construction and advanced technology as the top of the line ADL3, with a package of features tailored to more moderate system requirements.
The display layout is fully configurable to show a multitude of data channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and more.
Four auxiliary outputs are available to control external devices. With the use of an E888 expander, eight additional thermocouple outputs are available, making this versatile unit suitable for many applications.
 i2 data analysis software provides all the tools for comprehensive analysis of logged data.
18017 SDL3 Sports dash logger
18018 SDL3 Sports dash logger Backlit
18009 SDL Sports dash logger (Display only as standard, option 29214 to enable logging)
Standard Features:
     4 0-5.5v High Resolution Analogue Voltage inputs
 4 0-15v Analogue Voltage inputs
 4 Analogue Temperature inputs
 2 Digital inputs
 4 Speed inputs
 4 Auxiliary outputs
 2 individually programmable CAN bus‟
 Internal 3 axis G Force sensor
 37 pin Autosport connector
 Ethernet, RS232 and Can bus communications support
 Dash manager and i2 software
Options include:
62202 SDL3 Loom*
Generic loom made to be customised to your requirements
Turns a Display only SDL3 into a Data Logger with 8Mb of memory.
294145 SDL3 120MB LOGGING
Increases SDL3 logging memory from 16mb to 120mb (requires 29414).
Enables analysis tools including, XY Plots, Multiple overlays, Maths Functions, Rainbow mapping, Lap reports/statistics
*MoTeC wiring loom does not include wires for every input/output, check technical drawing for details